Demand Generation Campaign

Description: Demand generation campaign for wealth management firm Mosaic Financial Partners targeting young professionals in 20s and 30s. The goal for this project was to create a scalable way to develop brand awareness among a target market that had high potential for becoming clients later but who might not have accumulated enough assets to qualify as of yet. The centerpiece of the campaign was a “financial fitness challenge” which consisted of a series of emails that provided education and prompted subscribers to develop good financial habits. Several different channels were tested for driving traffic to the campaign sign-up page, including guest blog posts, syndicated articles, search ads and social media posts.

Deliverables included an email series with worksheets, landing pages, guest blog articles, introduction video.

Here is a link to the introduction video (currently hosted on YouTube):

Here is a link to the main landing page for the campaign:

Here is one of the guest blog articles that I wrote: Mistakes Even Financial Advisors Make

Below are screenshots of the signup page, one of the emails, and a worksheet.



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