Article Writing

My favorite aspect of marketing is writing. I have written blog articles, press releases, web copy, social media posts, emails on personal finance and investing topics (for the wealth management firm Mosaic) and on online marketing (for ad tech startup Vantage Local). Often, the pieces were ghostwritten for other members of the team.

Articles that I wrote and/or edited have been published on well-known sites such as,, Christian Science Monitor, Yahoo Finance, and Nerdwallet.

Here are links to some of the pieces I have written:

  1. How Women Can Close the Retirement Gender Gap: Five Tactics
  2. Social Security Rules Change
  3. Evaluating Charities
  4. Introducing the Savvy Woman’s Guide to Financial Security
  5. Bond funds versus Individual Bonds
  6. The Marriage Penalty What is it
  7. Mistakes Even Financial Advisors Make
  8. PPC Optimization, or 20 ways to say “Click Here”